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IDM - Identity Management



IDM - Identity Management

Benefits for your organization

  • Security - the majority of safety incidents happen due to forgotten accounts, or possibly due to data leaks caused by former employees.
  • Quantification of cost for the relevant IT workplace - if you evaluate individual roles, IDM will provide you with an assembly where all costs are added up together. This will allow the management to decide efficiently what software employees need.
  • Interchangeability - after implementation, individual processes are usually integrated into simple tasks, "implement / reject''. This will allow short-term substitutions without the need to be completely familiarized with the relevant problem (for example new employee hiring process)
  • Automation - repeated processes are automated

User benefits:

  • Clarity - the user immediately knows which groups he belongs to, and what roles have been assigned to him.
  • Comfort - change of password done at one location followed by propagation of the new passport to connected systems.
  • Application to access individual information systems processed at a single location