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IDM - Identity Management


Solution description

IDM - Identity Management

Identity Management is a system used for personnel and company role management. IDM may be used for wide range of integration scenarios, however, the typical application of this system is to remove double administration entries in IT systems and to formalize/standardize internal processes. The term "role" shall be understood as a very general term - only as a label assigned to a particular user.

Sample: the accounting role does not have any special meaning. Particular administration steps (entry in database, approval of access to the relevant information system) are done by a connector.

The delivery includes integrated connectors to CA, Portal, GINIS, ActiveDirectory, CSV file and PowerShell.

Typical processes solved through the implementation of IDM

  • Creation of a user (on-boarding)
  • User termination (maternity leave, end of employment, death,...)
  • User role assignment - based on particular roles, the relevant accounts are created
  • Removal of roles from a user - based on the definition of roles, the system performs certain actions in order to remove access to information systems.