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Electronic training



Electronic training

Today, when significant progress has been made in various information systems and applications, we put the emphasis not only on the software quality, but also on the education and professional level of people who work with these software systems.

This electronic training system expands options of customers who underwent a series of trainings focusing on the relevant and represented product, and who are starting to work with the software ina real production process. Besides user guides, the user may also use e-learning system, which offers interactive courses focusing on the relevant problem, and describes basic work procedures or practical samples in electronic form.

An important feature of this system is the ability to quickly and efficiently verify learned information through the use of electronic tests focusing on the relevant problem. Beside the option to electronically test gained knowledge, an inseparable part of this electronic training system is the option to create your own electronic tests, surveys and interactive tasks

An important feature of the system is the ability to monitor the progress of the the entire educational process, including achieved results. The actual progress and achieved educational results or electronic test results may not only be used by the user alone, but they also offer a clear statistical overview for managing employees who will have a better insight about the abilities and knowledge of their subordinates.

Further, the training system includes communication tools such as online chat or discussion forums used by the lecturer to quickly interact with students during the class.