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Portal Gordic


Solution description

Portal Gordic

The understanding and perception of the term "portal" has changed during the last decade thanks to increasing demands and development of web technologies. Portal no longer represents a search engine with navigation tool or web content used for data presentation, but a robust, multi-platform solution offering a single access point where you may access information provided by the portal itself as well as by various organization systems.

Our solution built on Liferay Portal platform offers all key parameters (safety, access to different type of information, search, CMS, DMS, personification) as modern portal should, and it also offers wide range of functionalities based on individual areas:

  • Site management:
    1. Public and non-public webpage management.
    2. Webpage access management.
    3. Configuration of SEO, appearance and webpage layout.
  • Content management:
    1. Webpage contents creation.
    2. Content planning.
    3. Content approval.
    4. Fulltext search.
  • Document management
    1. Document and media recording.
    2. Creation of templates with additional information.
    3. Fulltext search.
  • Blog
  • Wiki

At the same time the solution also offers sets of specialized modules (portlets), which integrate selected functionalities of gloud pillars into the portal:

  • Identity Management
    1. User info in IDM
    2. Role applications.
    3. Access applications.
    4. Preview of requirements.
  • Electronic training system
    1. Training courses.
    2. User testing.