GORDIC® introduces solution based on Cloud Computing model used for efficient and transparent company management.
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It is a transparent, clear and easy-to-understand form of presentation of economic data using GINIS system, which allows you to monitor your company performance from different angles while mainly focusing on budgeting and accounting issues.

For whom the solution is designed?

Organizations which needs to make selected economical and business data contained in business information system available to users, management or to the public through the use of interactive and graphically understandable inputs.

Simple click menu displays the status and development of budget, expenses and incoming accounts. The standard menu offers a set of views based on basic budgeting and organizational classification of your budget. The shape of the clicking budget menu may be modified according to customer needs, requirements and ideas (the level of detail in each view). For example, the level of detail based Items, Sections, Paragraphs, etc.

Data presentation using Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome…) is a suitable method used to present data to citizens or to a management of the relevant institution - according to specifications and dimensions defined by the relevant institution. The data update mechanism displayed through the use of drop-down budget window is controlled entirely by the institution and may be done automatically or manually. Data may be published on the final display storage after the relevant inspections are done and confirmed by competent persons within the institution.

Typical views:

  • Functional division
  • Selection based on fields
  • Source division
  • Organizational division
  • Action