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Link between information systems GORDIC® and basic registers

SSD (Record management system)

The task of Basic registries of public administration is to solve problems relevant to the actual record-keeping of identical basic data contained in individual public administration information systems. Recorded data in individual information systems are not consistent and vary in quality in terms of completeness, accuracy or current updates. Besides that, several record-keeping registries and storages of identical data create unnecessary problems for business entities and citizens who must repeatedly demonstrate already demonstrated facts.

After analysis of published documents, GORDIC ® development teams began with the creation of a communication interface for ISZR and with modification of all product lines with the intention to make sure that all involved modules comply with requirements specified in applicable laws and in other legislative norms, and are able to perform verification of reference data in base registries. Information system GORDIC® GINIS® uses mutual communication interface and data base to communicate with IZSR.

Estimated communication diagram used by GORDIC® and ISZR systems

Basic components of the solution

External subject registry

The pillar of the functional unit is a system of External subjects (GINIS® ESU) and data storage for three basic registries RúIAN (Address), ROB (Citizens) and ROS (legal entities and regular persons). External subject registry offers access to verify addresses or persons for all GINIS applications.


System administration provides legitimate access for competent persons specified in the ISZR-RPP system. Complete tracking of questions and answers allows the user to track relevant questions.

Application gate (AIB)

Application gate is a component which will make a system of basic registries accessible through a unified way for all information systems inside the organization. At the AIB level you may define access to ISZR services and set complete logging to local AIB storage.

Integration platform GINIS® (XRG)

GINIS® information system integration platform will offer to third-party applications access to basic registries as well as to data stored in GINIS® information system database (GINIS® RÚIAN, GINIS® ZR-ROB and GINIS® ZR-ROS).

Event processing (ZUD)

Event processing functionality will provide overnight update of basic registry data stored in GORDIC® information system database.


These individual databases of GORDIC® information system will integrate/process changes done in basic registries in regular intervals (most likely every night) and will provide users with current data without the need to be constantly connected to these registries online. Individual agendas of GORDIC® information system (and third-party applications accessible through GINIS® XRG interface) will be able to verify correctness of reference data relevant to persons, citizens and addresses, based on their powers.

Detail of external subject in ESU. Using the "Ověř v ISZR / Verify in ISZR" the system verifies data in Personal registry online.

SSD (Record management system)

  • option to communicate with basic registries online, directly from familiar and already known applications,
  • automatic inspection and update of reference data in terms of basic registries,
  • comfortable and efficient fulfillment of legal responsibilities
  • almost unchanged methodology and speed of work - if a web interface is used the speed would be slowed down significantly.