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Link GINIS® SSL to databoxes

SSD (Record management system)

What are the responsibilities of the institution specified in the law?

To deliver documents to other public authority through the use of databoxes. If the nature of the document allows it, to deliver documents to regular persons, entrepreneurs and business entities, provided that they have their databoxes accessible. To check databox in regular intervals. If no authorized person logs in to the databox within 10 days following the date when the document was delivered to the databox, the document shall be regarded as delivered on the last date of that relevant and established period. To make databox available no later than within 15 days after access/login information have been delivered. To assign a person authorized to access databox, provided that this person is not the head of the relevant public authority (the City Mayor, Governor, etc.).

How does that affect the activity of the institution in real life?

To make sure that documents received in databox are distributed to individual employees or organizational branches (sectors, departments) through the use of document services. To allow employees or organizational branches to use records services to send documents to databoxes of the relevant recipients, provided that the recipient has made his databox accessible. To keep records, process, send out, but also store large amount of documents in digital/electronic form until the retention period expires. To make sure that authorized conversion of documents including the necessary recordkeeping is available for the relevant action / performance.

What document processing services are available through GINIS® document service?

It will arrange for and make databoxes available to the entire organization. Since the first day of the validity of the applicable law, it will solve all issues relevant to the introduction of databoxes. Thanks to managed and controlled document distribution from the databox to the processor, it will minimize the risk of delays or failures to comply with legislative deadlines. It will allow you to work with databoxes using user interface you are already familiar with. It offers an option to expand functionality by adding Czech POINT
interface. After data messages are downloaded they are registered at the registry and the document is assigned to the relevant responsible person. SSD takes maximum amount of information from the relevant document (Subject, Sender, Data message ID, electronic attachments, ...). Releasing / dispatch of a document registered in SSD is done in similar way. Submission and dispatch/releasing is done by authorized person.