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SSD - Mailroom

Available modules


SSD module – Mailroom is mostly used to receive documents. Its task includes the following:
  • Receiving a document in system (submission)
  • Receiving and record-keeping of electronic submissions (e-Mailroom)
  • receiving data message from databox
  • labelling documents with first identifier (PID)
  • basic or extended identification data of the relevant document (subject, focus, sender, document type ...)
  • option to assign a reference number
  • sorting out/classification and assignment of documents (to organizational unit, person, function ...)
  • receiving of returned delivery notes and delivery notes from a databox
  • preview of shipments accepted by mailroom
  • document/delivery note search
  • the module solves defined functions of electronic mailroom based on valid standards and laws.

More detailed description

This section of the application focuses on receiving, labelling, record-keeping/registry and classifying/sorting, which means, document are labelled using first identifier (PID), receiving of electronic documents into system including recording of basic or extended identification data, classification/sorting out and handover of documents to relevant persons. Electronic submission means that a digital file is delivered via email, databox, web mailroom or delivered on regular data storage media (diskette, CD, flashdisk, etc.).

Submission methods:
  • Databox - recording a data message (DZ) from ISDS system. Data message is attached with .zfo extension and it is electronically described and time stamped as an entire unit.
  • E-Mailroom - recording a message from mailroom email box.
  • Web mailroom - recording a message from web mailroom email box - company portal.
  • Electronic storage media - recording of a digital file stored on a diskette, compact disc, flash disk, etc. Submission/registration may represent one or several files. The electronic storage media cannot contain files which are not relevant to the submission. Electronic signature may be attached to all files or to selected flies only. If not all files are electronically signed, electronic signature on one document cannot be used for the other documents.

Functionality of electronic mailroom in GINIS® system is strictly based on ÚVIS standards. These standards are reflected in the solution methodology in GINIS® system - see GINIS® SSL records management methodology - Electronic mailroom GORDP001I7XG in connection with the use of electronic signatures as specified in Act No. 227/2000 Coll., describing electronic signature regulations and relevant legal standards. The institution must make sure that the document is submitted through an email address: post@.cz in a form of electronic message, either through permanent online connection of a email client to the postal services provider, or by repeated off-line connection, at least at the beginning and at the end of work shift. This will ensure that ""email box"" is being filled with new messages. This email box is automatically serviced/operated by GINIS® system using POP3 protocol, which is used to collect messages from the mailbox and stores submitted messages in an archive without any human intervention (electronic document storage). Messages stored in this electronic mailroom archive are protected against unauthorized modification or destruction pursuant to provisions specified in Act No. 97/1974 Sb., the Archiving Act. Archiving is necessary in order to be able to demonstrate what shape the message had before processing (for example before running an antivirus software). At the same time application registry is automatically filled with electronic submissions. Submissions in the application registry may be modified by the user using the module. At the same time processing may be done by several users together, whereas each user processes selected submissions individually. Submissions done through electronic email or databox are sent electronically and accepted by electronic mailroom. Message may contain attachments. If the message contains attachments, the message and attachments may be electronically signed together as one unit, or attachments and the message itself may be individually electronically signed. Mailroom ensures processing of application of electronic submission using guaranteed electronic signature. The entire process is based on provisions specified in ÚVIS No. 016/01.01 standards and Act No. 227/2000 Coll., specifying electronic signature requirements and other relevant legal regulations (Government Directive No. 304/2001 Coll., describing electronic signature implementation process, Directive ÚOOÚ No. 366/2001 Coll., specifying in detail provisions in paragraph No. 6 and 17 of the Electronic Signature Act and also describing in detail electronic tool requirements, Directive No. 496/2004 Coll., describing electronic mailroom requirements. Records management services may also be used to receive and record emails relevant to official activities. The registered or recorded document is automatically added with electronic picture and with electronic attachment of the relevant email. This method of electronic document record-keeping must be allowed in the methodology of the relevant organization, otherwise this function is not active.


Unprocessed electronic submissions - the system will display a list of unprocessed electronic submissions. You may use this list to read emails from email mailroom, data messages from databox and delivery note of data messages which have a separate window where only undelivered or just delivered data messages are displayed (messages, which have been sent through this databox, and waiting for confirmation from the recipient).

Preview of electronic submissions - the system will read electronic submissions for the relevant period and based on preset parameters. By changing filtering criteria - based on your requirements, you will get the data you need.

Preview of delivery confirmations - the system will read a list showing electronic submission delivery confirmations for the relevant period. By changing filtering criteria - based on your requirements, you will get the data you need.

Delivery note return - the system will display a window, where based on the delivery note search criteria, the system will display shipments - based on the entered criteria

MAIL - Received mail - the system will read all email messages delivered to the email box of your email client (MS Outlook), which you may later record in the database (your email client must be correctly configured).