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SSD (Record management system)

SSD – record management system is a document processing system for small companies. It combines registry desk, main record-keeping (universal records node), sending/releasing room and document registrymodules.

Module GINIS® SSD allows you to work with physical (paper) documents as well as with digital documents (electronic EDMS documents). It allows you to integrate documents with regular office software (MS Office, OpenOffice), connect with ISDS systems (data boxes) and ISZR systems (basic registers), export data automatically to forms (templates) using MS Word for example, and allows you to enter an archive/storage of digital documents produced by scanning line, etc.

Record management system allows the user to perform recordkeeping of all data describing written documents and files, including monitoring of the movement of relevant documents within the organization. It has been designed for complete document management done within the organization. Records management services offered by GORDIC® fully complies with current and valid legislative standards. Data about individual documents are entered into the system manually, or they may be downloaded /transferred from other programmes (systems). Circulation of individual documents depends on the currently performed process (transferring, processing, cancelling, returning for corrections, handover to the archive system, etc.), which is controlled by the records service methodology and by internal company rules and standards (especially by records management and retention code). When a document is recorded for the first time, each document is labelled with a unique identifier (barcode), which is used to monitor the movement of the document within the organization. Document may be labelled with this barcode manually (by gluing the barcode sticker on a letter, invoice, etc.), or the barcode may be generated and assigned to the document electronically (for example, record-keeping/registry of electronic documents, data messages, emails, scanned documents).