GORDIC® introduces solution based on Cloud Computing model used for efficient and transparent company management.
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Description of GSDESK solution


Service Desk is the first and necessary level of IT support for customers and also for own employees. HelpDesk is often presented within a company as one person with phone, who is able to solve all user problems.

GSDESK is a cloud-based version of Service Desk (a part of GLOUD model), which due to its flexibility of offered services helps organizations to achieve efficient operation and management of both internal and external employees, and also helps them with their needs and problems, as well as with supplier or other institution issues.

This model is suitable for customers who do not want to invest time and money or information technology into the implementation of Service Desk within their environment. It is a complete Service Desk solution (note: it is not Help Desk only!), which offers to users of a customer all available tools and options of a large and comprehensive solution built on CA Technologies platform. Service Desk is available online (using your web browser) from any location in the world. In addition to other services (optional), this solution offers the following:

  • collection of Incidents, Requests, their solutions (Incident management, Request Management)
  • Troubleshooting / Problem solving, change requirements (Problem Management, Change Management)
  • Configuration database management (Configuration Management)
  • administration and use of database contacts, products, suppliers, organizations, etc.
  • using Knowledge Database
  • strong reporting, KPI, etc.

An optional service may be for example Reporting (work activity reporting for invoicing purposes, monitoring of external and internal employees) Product portfolio (Products, Services, SLA definitions, etc.) FlowForm module (for example, using workflow forms to manage tasks, holiday leaves, travel orders, etc.)