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Operational service offer


GSDESK offers to organizations the following services which are calculated and billed per month as extra services - the extra billing fee is added to the basic price of the system

  • Configuration management (included in the fixed monthly fee) - management and control of components called configuration items - CMDB is used - configuration management database - contains configuration items which uniquely identify components for the customer

  • Request management (included in the fixed monthly fee) – process used to control and manage user requirements (internal, external). The process solves special requirements identified through the system web interface, in order to provide unique identification of the requirement, history of the solution, etc.

  • Incident management (included in the fixed monthly fee) – incident management process – when you need to repair incorrect behaviour of your systems within the shortest possible time. The system offers an immediate option to enter error or incorrect behaviour of an application, hardware etc. Subsequently, the process solution is used to reinstate delivery of services as soon as possible.

  • Problem management (optional for a fee) – problem management (troubleshooting) – the primary goal of problem management is to prevent incidents and minimize the impact on your business. Thanks to this process you may proactively prevent or eliminate other possible errors.

  • Change management (optional for a fee) – change management - process used to manage changes. This process provides standardized and efficient procedure used for change management in terms of services.

  • Service level management (optional for a fee) – this process is responsible for SLA negotiation and for monitoring whether these values are observed. It is a process which is able to solve everything relevant to suppliers and service deliveries provided by suppliers. If evaluates and monitors their activities.

  • Knowledge management (option for a fee) – process responsible for associating (converging), analyzing and knowledge and information sharing done within the organization. Through the use of Knowledge management you may create a knowledge centre which may be used for example, to solve repeated user requests, etc.

  • Tasking (optional for a fee) – process for tasking and user management done within the organization. You may enter individual tasks, monitor them and evaluate them.

  • Reporting (optional for a fee) - process used to report internal or external activities with the intention to monitor effectiveness and efficiency of internal or external employees. May be used to monitor or evaluate employee activities, or to monitor and evaluate activities of external employees and companies (for example during service invoicing process, etc.).

  • Reporting (optional for a fee) - process used to monitor and evaluate data from Service Desk, suitable for transparent and effective management process. It is used as a source for efficient decision-making process.

  • Service catalogue (optional for a fee) - process used for creation and management of service catalogue, including product (catalogue) sheet generation process.

  • FlowForm (optional for a fee) – process used to define and manage workflow in processes done in Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Management, Change Management, Tasking.

All services may be ordered from the administration panel in the GSDESK system.