GORDIC® introduces solution based on Cloud Computing model used for efficient and transparent company management.
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Frequently asked questions


  1. What is the system startup process like?
    • Ask your seller (GORDIC product implementer) or use the order sheet available at www.gloud.cz (reference to order sheet) and ask for a proposal how to obtain services based on your needs. Within 3 business days you will receive a price offer together with other information describing follow-up procedures. If the offer is accepted in the so-called Start-up, your own service desk will be configured based on the Star-tup procedure, training will be performed, and all data you require will be imported.
  2. What are the requirements to operate GSDESK (what must I have)?
    • In order to access the application you must have PC with Internet browser Internet Explorer 7 or newer or FireFox. If you use public Cloud you must be connected to the Internet.
  3. Can I order additional services anytime within a month?
    • Yes, you may use GSDESK administration interface and you may request any available services.
  4. I do not have time for administration. Is it possible to get this service as well?
    • Yes, we offer this service. You may find the description HERE.
  5. Where can I get additional information?
    • In order to get additional information do not hesitate to contact the CA teamContact) nebo svého obchodníka (implementátor GORDIC).
  6. What is the price for the solution and where can I find that out?
    • The price is calculated based on selected services (monthly payments) and based on one-time services (optional). The prices shown in the price list is based on your order, which is available HERE or through your seller (GORDIC implementer).
  7. How are the payments processed?
    • Payment are usually done in a monthly intervals. If you subscribe to a certain number of months you may be eligible for a discount on your fixed monthly payment, or you may receive extra service.
  8. What services are included in the price?
    • Each monthly payment (even the lowest one) includes the following: Incident Management, Request Management and Configuration Management.
  9. Are there any mandatory services which I have to buy?
    • Mandatory one-time service is the so-called Start-up, which includes: initial system configuration, 1 day of training, first import of your data.
  10. Are there any additional one-time fees?
    • One-time fee is paid for solution login (account). Other one-time services are optional. You may see the list and descriptions of these services HERE.
  11. Is GSDESK also classified in any other way?
    • You may select from three existing licensing options - Light, Standard, Enterprise. You may see the difference HERE.
  12. Are there any service limits or restrictions?
    • At present GSDESK is available to current GORDIC customers only. We are working on extending this offer and we will also make it available to customers who do not use GORDIC products. If you do not use GORDIC products do not worry. Contact us and we will give you an option which will best suited for you.
  13. Were can I find pictures of my own application?
    • Picture gallery may be found HERE.
  14. Is ITIL v3 frame supported?