GORDIC® introduces solution based on Cloud Computing model used for efficient and transparent company management.
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What is Gloud?

At present cloud computing is gaining strength and GORDIC® is in the lead again. We have created GLOUD solution (combination of GORDIC and Cloud = GLOUD), which offers companies an option to use various tools and complex systems for efficient operation and management of local installations, even though if they are difficult to access (for example

What can Gloud do for me?
All companies need reliable IT background. Gloud solution offers companies an option to use platform as a service (or rather Service as Service) and therefore, allowing them to use vast range and complex systems (or their sections) based on their needs and requirements. Each company organization assigns different priorities to different areas.

What areas does Gloud cover?
What areas does Gloud cover? GORDIC® Gloud solution may be used for ITSM (IT service supply and support). These mainly include Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management or Release Management (using CA Service Desk Manager). Under the scope of ITSM the service covers Capacity Management (CA eHealth), IT Service Continuity Management or Availability Management (CA Wily, CA Spectrum IM). Another ITSM area covered by Gloud is Security Management, relevant Identity Management (CA Identity Manager) and Role Management (CA RCM). GORDIC® Gloud may also be used for Document Record Management System (GORDIC® SSD). As far as IT monitoring and Identity is concerned, cloud options are still in the preparation stage (we will inform you when they become available).

What does Gloud offer?
Gloud system will bring your company tools and processes, which may be used to optimize supply and support of IT services. You will not need to invest into HW and SW infrastructure, or into any other additional resources because Gloud solution will bring to our customers not only savings in terms of IT services, but it will also bring transparency and optimization of the entire company operation.

For whom Gloud has been designed?
For whom Gloud has been designed? Thanks to Cloud Computing model, Gloud offers variable solutions and may be used by any company or organization that wants to optimize their current processes and use modern tools for management of entire company.

What about Gloud and security?
What about Gloud and security? Security is the number one priority for us. We strive to provide maximum data security. Pokud zákazník z důvodů bezpečnost dat. If a customer due to data security for example, and due to his own internal regulations requires his data to be "guarded", he may select from Gloud system options which best suits his needs.